Thaer Maarouf

A Syrian painter, born in 1972 in Shahba, Syria.

Holds a Master’s degree in fine arts from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon.

His work has been featured at several collective exhibits in Dubai , Lebanon, Syria, France and Austria, as well as at solo exhibits in Damascus, Lebanon, Singapore , Philippine , London, Holland  and Austria and he features in the permanent collections of Middle Eastern museums;  USA and Singapore.


His work is noted for its use of symbolism to highlight human rights issues in the Middle East, as well as the conditions of the displaced populations affected by the regional upheaval in the Levant.



Lives and works in Austria, Vienna.



Lebanese University

2010. Masters in Fine Arts


2001. Diploma in Fine Arts




.  2019,   No How, art performance,

Improper Walls gallery,  Vienna.

  • 2019,  Group exhibition in  Karlsplatz Red Carpet ShowRooms, Vienna.  
  •   2019,  Parallel Vienna, Philomena art           Gallery+architecture platform.  
  • 2019,  Parallel Vienna, Kunstraum Retz Gallery.
  • 2019,  art performance, Burggasse21 art Gallery Vienna.
  • 2019,  Out and about, group exhibition, Kunstraumretz , Retz Austria.
  • 2019,  International Art Project in collaboration with Erasmus + Kunsthistorisches Museum in kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.
  • 2019, solo solo exhibition, Red Carpet Show room, Volkstheater Vienna.
  • 2017.Dirty Messages, Open space gallery, Vienna group exhibition
  • 2017. Who I’m I, ARCC, Vienna, Group exhibition.
  • 2017. I’m Not, Aa Collections, Vienna, solo exhibition.
  • 2017. Das bessere Leben, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, group exhibition.
  • 2017. Saloon der Kulturen, Vienna Museum, Vienna, group exhibition.
  • 2016. Euthanasia, Arts hotel, Krems, solo exhibition.
  • 2016. Out of the Dark, Burggasse 21 gallery, Vienna, solo exhibition.
  • 2016. Art and Oppression, Augarten, Schwedenplaz , Vienna, Art performance.
  • 2016. The Migrant, Toleranzmuseum, Kärnten, Ausria , Art Installation.
  • 2016. Cool Show, Burggasse 21 gallery, Vienna, group exhibition.
  • 2016. Saloon der Kulturen, Erste Bank, Vienna, Solo exhibition.
  • 2015. Ysr Collective, b11 gallery Kisic-Velickovic, Salzburg, Austria, group exhibition.
  • 2015. Art Walk, Kunst Fabrik, groß Siegharts Niederösterreich, Austria, group
  • exhibition.
  • 2015. Zones of Displacement, Light & Space Contemporary, Philippines, Quezon City,
  • Manila, solo exhibition.
  • 2015. Expositie, Re Galley, Holland, Trinitatiskapel , group exhibition.
  • 2015. The Missing Father, T Marbouta , Beirut, art installation.
  • 2014. Sana Gallery, Art Fair Singapore, Singapore.
  • 2014. Ayyam Gallery, during Dubai art fair, Dubai.
  • 2014. Peace Keepers, Sana gallery, Singapore, solo exhibition.
  • 2014. Mark Hachem gallery , Beirut art fair.
  • 2014. Syria Art Today, pop-up gallery, Mayfair, London, group exhibition.
  • 2014. Collective Exhibition , Marek Hachem gallery, Beirut, group exhibition.
  • 2013. Mark Hachem gallery , Bierut art fair.
  • 2013. Before Eden, 392 rmail 393, Beirut , solo exhibition.
  • 2013. Veto, piece Unique gallery, Beirut, solo exhibition.
  • 2012. Kisses of an Enemy, Singapore, solo exhibition.
  • 2012. Collective Exhibition, Art lap gallery, Beirut, group exhibition.
  • 2010. Halt om Alruman , Zaman gallery , Beirut, solo exhibition.
  • 2006. Les Angles du Circle, Zaman gallery, Beirut, solo exhibition.
  • 2002. Arab and world, Damascus fair ground, Syria , Damascus, solo exhibition.
  • My art piece in collections:
  • Toleranzmuseum, Kärnten, Ausria. -Makam Museum, Lebanon. -Samawi Museum Collection, Dubai -Singapore Art Meusum, Singapore
  • -Farhat Art Museum, United States.